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Word on Fire: NEW Series on The Mass

With the recent reopening of the church we thought an appropriate offering for our next Word on Fire Series should be the mini-course on The Mass.  Through these twelve engaging videos from Bishop Barron, you will walk away with a deeper understanding of what the Mass is and why it matters.
  • It all begins Wednesday, July 8
  • Optional Zoom meeting weekly on Wednesdays at 7pm  Meeting ID: 844 2837 6845   Password:  384569
  • Share this gift of faith with friends and family -- invite them to subscribe
Access is free through the Parish.  

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How does it work?

Each week you will receive an email with a new video in the series, along with questions for reflection. You can watch the video and reflect on the questions at your convenience.

I missed a session. Is it too late to sign up?

Not at all! You can join at any time.