1. Pastor's Note from Fr. John Sullivan, SJ
2. Daily 12:10pm Mass & Rosary with Fr. John
3. Lourdes TV - Sunday Mass @ 11:30am
4. Divine Mercy Sunday - Zoom Video-Conference
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1. Pastor's Note by Fr. John Sullivan, SJ

We all understand “cause and effect.”  If we do some action then we know that some result will happen.  For example, if I eat chocolate cake every day, I know that the result will be an even bigger stomach than I already have.  This Sunday we are given just such a “cause and effect” passage from John’s Gospel.  We hear in the story that it is Easter Sunday, the day Jesus rose from the dead.   The disciples were together in a locked room.  They were afraid that they too would be arrested and put to death.  The Risen Lord, however, then appeared to them.   Saint John writes, “Jesus came and stood among them . . . he showed them his hands and his side.”  And the Lord said to them “Peace be with you” which he repeated two times.  We are also told that Jesus gave to them the Holy Spirit, he “breathed on them.”  Here we have the original situation of the disciples – they were locked away, they were hiding and filled with fear.  But with the visit of the Risen Lord, their situation dramatically changes.  As a consequence of his appearing to them, we hear that in the following week the disciples no longer locked the door nor were they afraid.  We see the effect of the Risen Lord upon them.  What had changed within the hearts of the disciples?

2. Daily Mass & Rosary with Fr. John

Daily Mass & Rosary with Fr. John - Mon-Sat @ 12:10pm
Fr. John is hosting a virtual Daily Mass and Rosary at 12:10pm, Monday through Saturday. The Zoom meeting ID is 144 871 650 (link). For more information on how to connect, please visit our website. If you have any questions, please email Fr. John looks forward to seeing you!

3) Our Next Sunday Mass Broadcast:

Sunday, April 19 11:30am

Celebrate Mass together virtually with the Parish next week as we celebrate the 2nd Sunday of Easter, Divine Mercy Sunday.

Ways to watch
Recordings will be available afterwards.

4. Divine Mercy Sunday - Adoration & Mass - Zoom Videoconference


5. Other Announcements

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